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Provide a premiere Montessori education that adheres to AMI pedagogy and nurtures the natural development of children


  • Classroom leadership by dedicated AMI teachers whose direction is grounded in Montessori theory and practice

  • Classrooms that are stocked with a full complement of Montessori materials which are beautifully maintained

  • Classrooms that have 25 – 34 children spanning the age range for each particular level



Provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children, families, and staff


  • Children – create intentional prepared classroom environments for children at each stage of development based on the scientific pedagogy of Dr. Montessori

  • Families – provide a safe, warm, accepting, and non-judgmental atmosphere for families; offer educational opportunities for parents about Montessori practices; offer educational opportunities for parents which support parenting and child development

  • Staff – provide a collaborative environment that allows for the exchange of ideas; provide resources for continuing education for staff on an annual basis; provide a supportive work environment for all staff



Be a visible resource and presence in the Charlotte community


  • Connect with agencies/organizations that support child development with a goal to provide information about Montessori education to new parents 

  • Volunteer consistently as a school community with other non-profit agencies needing support 

  • Offer educational seminars on topics of interest to the broader Charlotte community both by the KMS staff and outside resources (education, children and nature; family dynamics, parenting, media control, etc.)



Be a diverse community with a common vision – investment in the development of children as the agents of change in the world


  • Reflect the broad socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic diversity found within our city

  • Provide services to qualified students and families who are seeking an educational alternative for their children


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